1. Anonymous said: My πŸ’§πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ quivers when I see your face 😩

    Oh really now. lol


  2. Just bumped into @VinnyCHASEnyc on Trip block. #Wedemboys #tripperlife #cheer$club


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  8. tripperlife:

    IG: @Fatelive



  10. Me x asap Twelvy lit life


  11. Follow a style God @Fatelive



  13. tripperlife:

    Bumped into the homie @badassjoey he said he got a album coming. Y’all already know what to do. #95tillinfinity #tripperlife


  14. Tripperlife. Don’t Trip.


  15. tripperlife:

    Fatelive x Ken Rebel.

    With that triple OG Ken Rebel.